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    My kids did this to me while I was sleeping. I would have never known what they were doing if they didnt wake me up when they took the pic. they wont go to sleep tonight because they think I will try to get revenge, but I think I will lay low until they least expect it, then Ill get even:angeldevi
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    Well I just got back from the show this weekend. It was a long hard weekend. The track was set up to favor the big dogs. It had a hole shot, basically the first 2 feet of the track are set uphill so its harder to get out. There were ALOT of WHOPPER/EDDIGTON dogs there and several neo...
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    Southeastern APBTC (NC) Saturday, November 04, 2006 Location: Hickory American Legion Fairgrounds The Southeastern APBTC (NC) will host their 2 day show at the Hickory American Legion Fairgrounds in Hickory, NC. Saturday & Sunday will both feature 1 Conformation Event & 1 Weight Pull Event. Ch...
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    Well just got the dogs bathed and groomed. Tomarrow is the weight pull and Sunday is the conformation show. Hopeing for a good weekend, we will see. There will be ALOT of good competition and dogs there this weekend. Rebel is ripped and Bailey is pumped. It will be fun regardless!