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  1. Conditioning
    i was inspired by the picture thread, "before and after your pit was in shape". i want to know the weekly work outs you and your pit dogand for how long. i rescue and rehome different dogs constantly, and some day i would like to own my own rescue. but right now my main focus is building muscle...
  2. BSL Discussion
  3. BSL Discussion
    BSL Weekly Update Current as of April 29, 2007 Click on Picture In the News PeTA Urges County to Ban Pit Bulls In response to a fatal dog attack involving a toddler in a home where no adults were present, PeTA is urging the officials of Dorchester County, South Carolina to ban or strictly...
  4. BSL Discussion
  5. BSL Discussion
    BSL Weekly Update
  6. BSL Discussion
  7. BSL Discussion
    Permission to crosspost is granted. Whether you crosspost in whole or in part, we simply ask that you respect the time and effort involved in putting the update together and acknowledge the BSL Workshop and Defending Dog for the same ____________ _________ _________ _________ _________...
1-7 of 8 Results