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  1. Pictures
    Just figured I’d post a few pics of these fat little babies
  2. Health & Nutrition
    Hello! Our family recently adopted a 9.5 week old pittie pup from the local animal shelter. I was shocked to learn she was already spayed at 8 weeks. When I adopted her, I had no idea the health concerns that come along with early spay. But the over-researcher I am, I have learned that the loss...
  3. Pictures
    18 lbs of bullheaded adorableness! His personality is really starting to come out. He's such a sweet boy, but clingy! Lol. He's not fearful and quite adventurous, but when it comes to wanting my attention he's demanding and really hates when I'm looking at my cell phone and not at him, lol. I...
  4. Pictures
    Just rescued this little guy on 8/9/18. Was told he was a pitbull, but that's about it. He's about 6 or 7 weeks (my guess) and weighs about 7 lbs. I have no clue how big he is going to get, but he's gonna be a handsome fella 😊 first day home. he's bored, lol.
  5. General Discussion
    Wanted to share the latest pics of my baby boy. Sent from my SM-G920R4 using Tapatalk
  6. General Discussion
    If i wanted to breed my (apbt? Ast? Abt? Who knows?) with their red nose apbt. Didn't take long at all! I said "nope. She's got an appointment for spaying in 3 weeks, too many of these guys out there already". Considering she was a stray god inly knows how many she's already unleashed onto...
  7. General Discussion
    I got her at just 8 weeks after she was rehomed or so they said. I saw an add on craigslist and wanted to save her from going somewhere terrible in the ghetto where her first owners were selling her. I never asked any questions about the bloodline or the parents, i was just too excited to meet...
  8. Pictures
    My first dog and he's been doing great too
  9. Health & Nutrition
    I've been doing a ton of reading for the last month to get ready for Apollo to come home. Well he's finally here, and my biggest question is on food. The place he came from was feeding him pedigree and I want to change it. I know pitbulls are prone to skin and hip problems so I want to start...
  10. Pictures
    He's such a great pup! He had his ears cropped Thursday, and he's rocking the Fez like a Shriner, and making kids smile! Macy Gray is now residing with my inlaws, which works out perfectly, as I get to show her, too!! Not going to do her ears, though. She's such a sweetie!!
  11. Authorized Breeders
    Tell me which is your favorite! :) I can't wait till this Sunday, when I pick my keeper! <3 <3 <3 MALES: Stryker Jr Soldier Patriot Buehrle Jr FEMALES: Macy Liberty Legacy Justice
  12. Pictures
    Kids where off of school for staff in service day so we went for walk to the playground. Was trying to get a good side profile shot of her What yall think? Week ago at vet she was 28lbs since then I started her on vitabully. Definitelynotice a difference she bulked up more and coat...
  13. Pictures
    Luna at 8 weeks, 5 months, 1year, and a custom feeder I built and stained
  14. Pictures
    I just wanted to share a couple photos of my pup, Titan. We have had him a week now and he has really become a part of our family already. He is a lot more energetic fpr a pup than I am used to but we are learning, lol. He is growing so quickly and is so smart. He is supposed to be 1\4 lab and...
  15. Obedience Training
    My puppy is four weeks old and I have had her since she was a few days old. I am wondering when would it be best to try and start training her? I have already been stopping her from nibbling on our fingers. She still tries to from time to time, but I tell her no and pull my hand away from her...
  16. Health & Nutrition
    So when i rescued my puppy at 4 weeks, the vet told me to feed her milk of course but to slowly feed her rice, chicken and veggies blended and mushed as well for about two weeks and then to start slowly feeding her some puppy food. Now at 7 weeks old I bought her orijen puppy food which i still...
1-18 of 260 Results