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    Hey my pups are turning 6 weeks on tuesday I think im about to get the started on some sort of regular diet does anybody have any suggestions?
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    I took Conan to the Gloucester VA pull on Jan 12 & 13 In his weight catagory (125) he pulled against American Bulldog Alaskan Malamute Saint Bernard IWPA pulls I went to the last 2 weeks Conan pulled Saturday 1180 lbs (first pulled ever outside) Sunday 1480 lbs Then I took Conan to...
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    Well, they are 12 weeks now and have developed their wild terrierness ...lmao! :p They are almost impossible to stack and its gonna take some consistant training to get them to hold it but its all fun and games right now. They both wiggle like little fishes so the stacking pics didn't come out...
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    Pics from Tonka's litter born 1/21/2007 Bloodlines: Chaos/Watchdog/Gaff/187 Homocidal