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  1. Weight Pulling
    Sold, thanks.
  2. Weight Pulling
    He is 4 months and 3 weeks and weighing in at almost 60 pounds. My question is that since he has mastiff in him should I wait longer to start weight pulling since his joints and bones could take longer to settle because of the mastiff?
  3. Weight Pulling
    My boyfriend and I are really intersted in building our how WP system to have around the house and maybe even eventually have some get togethers to get more people involved. Where can I find some specs on this?
  4. Weight Pulling
    Any tips that might help us? We have been gradually training her since mothers day pulling 20 lb weight and just taking walks. Then, when it got too hot we just spent shorter times out side working on springs and her "work" command. We never really increased her weights, just went longer...
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    My fiance and I have been training our 2 year old female, Karma, to compete in weight pullin. She is loving it. I just wish that there were more shows around my area. I have talked to a lot of people around here that have never heard of weight pulling and would love to get involved. How...
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    Designer License Plates that can be customized to your ideas! These license plates are a decal application on plastic plates. The options are endless! Price will be $8.00 each plus shipping and handling Price for optional aluminum plate is $10.00 each plus shipping and handling Here are two...
  7. Weight Pulling
    So, Mr. Carver took quite a bit of time to put this video together on YouTube and would like people to take a look at it, comment on it, etc. so that even MORE people can see the video and the amazing things our dogs can do. - Sara Nally
1-7 of 7 Results