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  1. General Discussion
    Hi! I have a shelter puppy that is Wisdom Panel confirmed to be 65% AmStaff and she looks it too. I don't think Wisdom Panel recognizes APBT. Anyways, out of pure curiosity I want to see if I can get a best guess of her adult weight. I know that it is impossible to know for sure, and she is...
  2. Conditioning
    Hey all, so I am looking at building a more consistent and well rounded conditioning routine than I currently have. I just bit the bullet and bought a sled, so now we can work with heavier weights than the chains he's been dragging. It is a 30 lb power sled so right now I am not adding weight to...
  3. Weight Pulling
    Hello I am new to the forum and currently do not own a Pit Bull but am in the market , I do raise german Shepherds but I am very interested in getting involved in Weight pulling.I cant find any clubs or events locally. So I am reaching out does anyone here know of any ohio based clubs or...
  4. Health & Nutrition
    When we got her she was emaciated weighing in at 35lbs on 1/10/2018 and today she weighs in at 42lbs. Is she at a good weight now or should we continue to add a few more lbs? Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 Pic 5
  5. Health & Nutrition
    Hello all, I know each and every dog and puppy is different, but I was wanting to find an average of a puppies growth and age over time from people who have already raised and trained pitbull puppies. My baby boy is Ares and i have been weighing him every Tuesday. And last time i weighed him he...
  6. Health & Nutrition
    So Bert was about 48 lbs at a year and 3 months when I got him from the shelter. He was about 55 lbs 6 months later and stayed pretty steady at that weight. We’ve had a really hot summer here in California, and we’ve also been on a few trips where my sister or my teenagers have cared for our 2...
  7. Health & Nutrition
    Hello, I have a 18 month old female Brindle pit named Fiona and a 15 month old male pit named Cujo. Both are rescue dogs. My male pit is doing wonderful, very active, eats all his food and loves playing. My female put on the other hand eats so fast and gets bloat belly. I've had her to the vet...
  8. General Discussion
    I am going to try my pup at this whole weight pulling thing but I have read other threads on here and all over the internet, is there anyone that makes a good custom pulling harness still?? If so where can I find them or get a hold of them I am looking to purchase ASAP! Thank You ?
  9. Health & Nutrition
    How much did your pups weigh at 11 weeks? And how big are they now?
  10. Health & Nutrition
    I took my pup to the vet yesterday and he weighs 7.9 lbs. We just got him Friday so it's only been a couple days but from what I've read that's a very low weight for being 9 weeks old. Any suggestions or advice?
  11. General Discussion
    hello I'm sure this has been answered a million times, so please forgive me if it's an annoying question I recently got a red/brindle "pitbull" female, the circumstances were a bit odd (no records, no mother or father on site) but I fell in love with her at first sight so I didn't question as...
  12. General Discussion
    Anybody know how to find events for weight pulling? Wanting to go to one. When my pitty is older want to get him in one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. General Discussion
    What is the average weight of a 5 month old male pit. The average weight of his parents is about 90-100 lbs. He only weighs 38 lbs. Is this normal?
  14. Pictures
    So my wife seems to think karma is to skinny? I think she looks really good. She is not fixed and she 9 1/2 months old. Not sure on her weight. She eats twice a day. Diamond puppy food. What are your thoughts?
  15. General Discussion
    I have a female, recently spayed, 7 month old who's weighing in at 35 pounds. I don't know her bloodlines or what her parents look like. Is there any idea how much she'll weigh?
  16. General Discussion
    Nami went to the vets yesterday and when the receptionist printed out the receipt it said she gained half a pound in two weeks. She is an 11 week old ABD/pit mix and weighs 15.5 lbs.
  17. Health & Nutrition
    Long story short I ended up taking in a stray pitbull after he followed me home. I haven't been able to find his owners. He's got mange and is underweight. I started him on ivermectin for the mange. I know nothing about pitbulls and I'm not sure the best way to beef him up a bit. You can see his...
  18. General Discussion
    My pitbull puppy is 2 months old and weight 18lbs. Does anybody know how big he'll get? Is he big for his age? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Bloodline Discussion
    My boyfriend and I have a male razor edge /gotti pitbull. And he's almost 6 months. How big is he going to be?
1-19 of 420 Results