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  1. Pictures
    Hey guys!! My boy was putting in some work and I snapped a few pictures and thought I would share with you. Hope you guys enjoy :)
  2. General Discussion
    Is anyone going to the Perry show this weekend?
  3. Introduction Forum
    3rd try to load post this one will be short till I figure it out. Looking for wtpull/club information in midwest (mn)I got this Razors pup just for obedience and pulling. Her name is "Smoochie." parents are pictured. She will have natural ears. She will be going to puppy kindergarten soon. In...
  4. Conditioning
    I am very curious about learning what methods can condition your dog for weight pull. I know a bit about conditioning but there is always more I can learn.... So, what exercise methods can be done to condition your dog, In what parts of the body does it build up muscle tone? What kind of diet...
  5. Weight Pulling
    Is weightpulling genetic or can you train any dog to do it? Does it depend on personality or can you train them all to do it?
  6. General Discussion
  7. General Discussion
1-7 of 7 Results