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  1. Weight Pulling
    I experimented in making some homeade window weights last weekend.. These are smaller then I wanted but these will be used for pups.. They weigh aprox 4lbs a piece.. I'll be making larger ones soon.. Anyways there are 1' pvc filled with cement capped on one end with an eye bolt to attach to...
  2. Pictures
    Lol I am bored....so thought I'd post some pics of my dogs in summer vs. winter lol. First up Alexa.... My Drake (lab/boxer) and last but not least Magnus...
  3. General Discussion
    I would like to get a comparison of different dog's weights at different ages. I will start with one of mine: Jeep/Eli 4 months 16 lbs 6 Months 22 lbs 12 months 28 lbs 18 months 32 lbs conditioned. Please post up your dog's numbers if you know them.....
  4. General Discussion
    And soon they'll be out of the same weight class! Roxie weighed 44.6lbs and Kane a whopping 48.1lbs. I can't believe they're approaching the 50lb mark. When I first brought them home, they could both fit in a chihuahua carrier! lol Also, have some pics of Kane. He's been particularly goofy...
  5. Conditioning
    I am very curious about learning what methods can condition your dog for weight pull. I know a bit about conditioning but there is always more I can learn.... So, what exercise methods can be done to condition your dog, In what parts of the body does it build up muscle tone? What kind of diet...
  6. General Discussion
    hey everyone this is my first bully breed she was sold as an american x english but alot of people have said she looks like a brown nose pitty what are your thoughts on her breed. she is 11 months old and weighs around 18 kgs (39 pounds) is this average weight for her age.
  7. Weight Pulling
    I was wondering if you think my dog would have any chance at pulling hes only like 60-65 lbs... and hes 17-18 inches tall 21-22 inch head.. and I can get the right equipment but do you think hes looks strong enough??
1-7 of 7 Results