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  1. General Discussion
    I would like to take the time to thank those that donated to the walk to end alzhemiers....and also to the ones that sent well wishes and prayers.... I aint to good at this but it means alot to know some people still believe there is some good left in this world..... Yall could have said bump...
  2. General Discussion
    Redog and the crew,if ima not supposed to do this its well understood if yall yank it..i didnot read the rules so its better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission........................ Okey dokey....some of you kno that my mama is in the late stages of alzheimers....itsa terrible...
  3. Pictures
    the ol lady 9 months now!! Bella the beast r1/downsized_0913130915_zpse41e69fc.jpg[/IMG][/URL] the big secret....lil red deuce.. cket.com/albums/a546/rodburner1/0924131900_zps743eb026.jpg[/IMG][/URL] one for olddog and hash...and the other gear heads the Hilton of puppy pens...lol
  4. Pictures
    a boy and his dog..........classic!! I love this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. General Discussion
    ok. some of yall hav been very understanding as to why i type the way i do.so maybe we can make this one of them sticky things.haha.so heres a few reasons.1,i carry over from work the way we text when we are on different ends of a 30-40-50-60 foot pipe,its a lingo all its own that we come up...
1-5 of 18 Results