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  1. Pictures
    Man oh man, I felt like I was just at the airport signing the papers to grab this screaming puppy to take him home lol. King is officially 2 yrs old today. He's turned out to be such an intelligent, patient, athletic, and temperamentally balanced (bull)dog. LOVES to work, loves to play, and...
  2. The Goldmine
    Ok so this will be a temp thread until I get enough information to open up the new one.... I would like everyone to post up their crop info...This is what I need... State: City: Vet Office: Crop Style: Head pic of your dog: (all pics must be embeded and not to big) Price you paid: If you guys...
  3. Pictures
    don't worry they were just after the ice. i thought it was pretty funny though... oh great now theres three of em :) and me trying to get a pic of both of the dogs...... didn't really work and this one just made me laugh (this is my lil niece, Taelor)