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    Surprise! He's sleeping! Relaxing Just sittin here like this watching TV
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    My mother takes me to a cool place that has a clear tube she puts green paper in and sends it flying to somewhere unknown. Then the tube appears again and always has special treats for me inside but only if I sit in my mother's lap and look precious like this.:woof::woof:
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    Yeah you guessed it... Sleeping. He has a PhD in it. :rolleyes:;) His eyes are open yet he is snoring really loud Drank a little too much He reminds me of someone's grandpa This is how we baby-sit. :rofl: JK! He is playing in Duece's aka Juice Juice's crate He is super mad at...
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    Took these pictures of Kangol and Mr. Mittens. I thought they were pretty sweet. The videos are of Kangol sleeping... and sleeping... that dog sleeps through anything, even rambunctious 2-year old boys climbing on him. I wish I had those sleeping skills. "You lookin at me?" This is Mr...
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    My brother's Golden Retriever,Gracie, is staying with us this week. She and Kangol have a blast chasing each other around the yard; however, she is much faster than he is. I liken her to a gazelle... :roll: The only place can get away from her is his man fort, which is just this huge bush in the...
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    Licking popscicle off Brayden's fingers Construction puppy After a day at the groomer My handsome boy Sleeping with Dad Upside down catfish Taking Dad's temperature
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    These brave little chipmunks have moved into our backyard and use the back fence as a "chipmunk highway." They have been driving White Dog crazy! :curse:I took these while he was doing chipmunk patrol this afternoon. He used the cell phone to call his great-niece, Camo, for back up. :p:cop...
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    Pits are notorious for their silly sleeping positions and how they like to sit. Kangol has sat on his butt since he was 13 weeks old. Thats just how he prefers to sit I guess. Although it is super weird to walk in living room and he is just kicking it on the couch by himself, propped up that...
1-9 of 9 Results