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  1. Pictures
    Well we got the collars in the mail a few days ago. I've just been a slacker for getting pictures taken. Thanks everyone who voted for Buddy in the contest. He likes his new collar. Honey likes hers as well. Anything that makes her feel pretty because she is on her period and is feeling very...
  2. Pictures
    I didn't get any pic of them pulling this weekend.. didn't have time between working them and the kids..lol.. Teardrop took the bodypound for the 55 and under in the ace class.. Cali took 1st both days in the 45 to 55 class.. Tater placed 2nd both days in the 55 to 65 class and Tonka placed 3rd...
  3. Pictures
    So I posted in the results section of the forum but figured I would show you all here with pics as well. Odie - didn't get anything on Sat under Nathan Pilgrim and Mike Ellis but got a 1st under Ron Ewing and a 3rd under Joe Burfurd. Peri - Took a 2nd on Sat under Nathan Pilgrim and a 1st...
1-3 of 3 Results