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    Loki keeping an eye out for Momma while Daddy was in the store. He's getting a little definition to him. He LOVES the flirt pole!
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    This is my Boy KA$H MONEY (2x Mo Money from Carolina Bully Farms)... along side my BT Roxy..... Look at his BACK Who said Bully's can't jump...:clap: Playing with his Big (little) Sister Kash @ about 4 wks (with Jim from Carolina Bully Farms)
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    Ok so I haven't posted since I first brought my little girl home, but I'm going to try and stay more active around here. Still can't believe how quickly she's growing! I couldn't be happier with Lola, she's a real sweetheart with a hilarious personality. At 8 weeks: Around 10-12 weeks...
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    My partner in crime. Titan..;-)
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    So the pups will be 3 wks old and are as cute as can be! Venom He does not have a name yet but I call him bobble head, he has a big head like his daddy. Kraken Puppies! Siren a proud momma
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    Unfortunately I'm bad at taking pictures. Really bad so things are a little blurry. When I first brought her home (1/1/11) at 7.5 weeks Past few days (3/11)
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    Got them over to the vet today for their heartworm and bordatella. Kane finally broke 50 at 50.6lbs and Roxie's at 48.1. I also managed to snag their puppy pic of their first vet visit and then two new ones of them separate .... Here they are at 6 weeks, a week after we got them and their first...
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    Not many pictures I know I have been busy but they are getting really BIG! lol puppies attacking Riot Yeah I know but it was the only time he would sit still for a picture! awww look at those puppy eyes! Xena and Barca
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    Arson learning the flirt pole and the ball... Hmm...Gee I wonder if he's gonna like it?! Really wish this one came out more in focus :( Now lets see what he thinks of the ball... BY GEORGE I THINK HE LIKES IT!!
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    Aren't I cute? wait, you just no? Say something else! my smiley boy all better see the pink on his lip? some action shots in the backyard, its quite nice today ;) get your mind outta the gutter look @ my buff lil girlie at 14 wks nismo not letting her forget who the boss dog is around...
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    my friend said she looks like the plant from the little shop of horrors lolol FEED ME!!!!!!
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    hopefullly he'll be a MONSTARR!
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    Hov & Hero
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    Here are some pics of Me, my wife and the boys...Titus is getting huge! He just keeps growing...And Tequila is filling out nicely...Titus is now 30lbs and Tequila has put on 14lbs...wish we could show Tequila's former owner how wonderful this dog could have looked, then again he didn't deserve...
1-15 of 15 Results