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  1. Pictures
    Garp turned 2 last week, and today we celebrated by heading to Taylor's Falls for a day of hiking. But, I managed to cross over to Wisconsin and get lost so what was SUPPOSED to be a 7.5-mile hike turned into 12. I am sunburnt. We both had a lot of fun. Interstate State Park is beautiful. The...
  2. Positive Pitbull News
    SOOO many questions about this story, HOW and WHY were the dog and child left alone to wander off 1/4 mile in the woods? thank GOODNESS the police didn't shot the dog for protecting his human. And MOST reports of this story are labeling the dog as dog. Of course the headline COULD NEVER read...
  3. Pictures
    It's so nice out we skipped all the hard workouts and went for a nice hike in the woods around the cemetary I frequent. I took some great shots so I wanted to share! Bella goes nuts in the woods and tries to climb trees after squirrels. She jumps up about 7 feet and screeches trying to get at...
  4. Pictures
    I took cali today into the woods for some excersie and boy was she a happy gurl, i am bringing her back again she was soo happy she didnt want to leave, and a short vid which i will make a bti longer when we go back :)
  5. Positive Pitbull News
    Good Boy (: Pit Bull Protects Toddler Lost in Woods
  6. Pictures
    took Diesel to the woods today to look for squirrels and I found this I'm not sure what animal it was from so I took a pic of it. here is Diesel romping through the woods and here he is investigating the scull, he knocked the top half of it off the log.
  7. Pictures
    The goofbutt and I are investigating all the parks in my area (I'm surprised at how many there are!) and this was a new one about 3-4 miles from where I live. It wasn't as woodsy as we normally like (paved trail next to an apartment complex), so we probably won't be going back, but it was still...
  8. Pictures
    we went to play in the woods the other day and I got a new camera so I was playing with it. lol I was trying to find my way through that swamp and kept falling in holes. this is all on the 23acres behind my house. kungfu kitty strikes again. and Sita said cya :) thanks for...
  9. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Man I was so sick of all this tiger woods talk on tv until I heard that a pic of him was worth 250,000 dollars now I'm thinking about skipping town and becoming a paparazzi myself. LOL My brother and I were talking about it and we both think that he's somewhere in southern Cali probably laying...
  10. Pictures
    Deacon and my K5 (love my truck) weeeee I'm a bat Deacon, my kiddo, friends kids and a small hen of the woods mushroom.....super yummy :) Deacon,me and Chloe Not from the woods but I though it was cute. Mom I was not digging in the yard........:poop:
  11. Bloodline Discussion
    Well I broke down Apollos ped and he is 50% RE 25% OG greyline (no gotti) an 8th gaff and an 8th woods. I know, a lot of lines right? But, any way does any one know some good info on woods and gaff. I know a little about gaff being a amstaff line for show, but besides that idk any good history...
  12. General Discussion
    So this weekend my stepfather took my youngest brother on a camping trip with AA. He showed up at home on tuesday with a dog. I just spoke to my brother and he led me to believe it was a GSD mix puppy. Come to find out from my mom it's a full grown GSD, prolly a mix but other than being solid...
  13. Bloodline Discussion
    Hey i have a question about the greyline and woods my lil guys dad is made out of that lol sound funny sorry does anyone know anything about that one if so what is there to know! i need posts so i can post a pic of him oops thank u for any info
  14. Pictures
    So today we went to the river with all the dogs and the kids to celebrate Scott's birthday. I will post pics of the dogs maybe tomorrow.... BUt anyway this is what we saw on our way out...... It was about 15 feet away from our car. we stopped an it just stared at us..... So I just had to get...
1-14 of 21 Results