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    well, as much as I wish I was in the Carribeans enjoying a nice frozen drink on a beach... or that it was already the spring/summer so we can take our usual scenic hikes in the local state parks, my pups - Cujo and Hazel, are definitely enjoying the fresh snow in Connecticut today. Here they are...
  2. Pictures
    Yess! Finally. It cooled down a bit for today. It was so nice and breezy. 84F degree's with a heat index of 93F. But for some reason, it felt much nicer then that. Anyway, I decided to take my two idiots outside to play some, since it was so nice. BIG is such a baby. He tried to find any shade...
  3. General Discussion
    YAY! I'm so proud JR, who is littermate to Touche' and Bodacious and owned by the breeder, she did her first shows and took a Res best female and a Best female. Touche' has taken a few Res Best females and Bodacious is already a UKC CH and also ADBA pointed She is showing more this weekend...
1-3 of 4 Results