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  1. Pictures
    YEAHHHH! I didn't want to tell you guys too early, and since its done i shall do it now! I commissioned a friend to color and shade my character Balthazar and not only did she do it? But she DIIID IT!!!! LOOOOOKZ! Theres nothing wrong with paying to see your art in someone elses style :) (I...
  2. Bloodline Discussion
    hey i finally got his papers and i actually recognize some of the dogs! haha Anywho, help me understand what is actually going on here. im at work but i have it with me so somebody help please :)
  3. Pictures
    here is Bentley, can i get some feedback and maybe the bloodline if possible. thanks in advance Jason.... when we first got him...... just look at that stance make your move sooo peacful picture perfect wanna play gangsta pose :):)
1-3 of 3 Results