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  1. Health & Nutrition
    Cheza another step closer to those baby standing :woof: ;) the horned creature and Lucy say I WILL EAT CHO FACE!!!!!
  2. General Discussion
    Fire kills several cats at Berkeley East Bay Humane Society | abc7news.com Baby (the pit) saves the day. :clap:
  3. Pictures
    Ok Ok its not even a pitbull.... Or part of my breeding......But she is a tri color!!! lol.. We had talked for awhile about getting someone for Francis that was more her size to play with. My sister neglected to fix her Chihuahua and 2 weeks before she took her in to have her spayed I looked at...
  4. Pictures
    Please help us by voting once a day Pet Profile for Woot - A APBT from knoxville, TN on YapStar Pets Social Networking
  5. Pictures
    Took a few pics today, not feeling well so there are not many Messin around in photoshop My big blue monster
  6. General Discussion
    HEY guys I need your help. She needs as many votes as possible. Its only a week long and you can vote once a day. www.cutestdogcompetition.com/vote.cfm?h=E50FBF4419E0B2817F399440F4A0AEBB
  7. Pictures
    Well it started out as a bath and she hated it and it turned into a battle of woot vs. water hose. She ended up having a blast playing with it lol and ended up dirtier then cleaner lol SO here are a bunch of pics Mom this is pathetic I dont want a bath(notice her tard face) If this is how...
  8. Pictures
    So I went out a took a fw pics not much, Woot is in heat and not in the mood for pictures lol GIvin me the stank eye Getting ready for NC
  9. Pictures
    So i was blow drying my hair yesterday and woot decided she wanted a piece of the hair dryer and started flying around the room so i decided to get some funny pics and a few outside too.
  10. Pictures
    Its been forever since I posted pics :) woot will be 10 months old in 5 days Woot @ 10 months @ 42 lbs and woots weird sleeping habits
  11. Pictures
    Well I finally made it past the 15 posts so i could post some pics :) Here are some slides from the adba show of woot and also some pics of her new collar and Her new collar we got at the show
  12. General Discussion
    Okay, So I am home AND ZILDJIAN IS HERE WITH ME! That was a long fucking trip (excuse my lang.) but holy crap. ( 850 miles from here to Louisiana, 1100 miles from Louisiana TO Michigan, AND THEN 1,500 miles from Michigan back here! ) All driving. All for me to pick up my 'lil boy" zildjian. <3 I...
1-12 of 13 Results