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  1. Pictures
    well i got a few pics today of the dogs working this is a new decoy and thats the reason im using the chain and the first dog you will see is still in that part of her training. nonetheless here they are
  2. Pictures
    Wait for it GO! Gotcha Time to cool off LOL @ his Elvis face Marley time :woof: Give me that fumble Now I kill you quick roll in the hay lol Thanks for looking
  3. Pictures
    so now that i have a nice camera i decided i should learn how to work it LOL!! well heres a couple i took messing around. i am thinking about doing some easter pics in this spot in my backyard.... Mikayla and Nytro Mikayla and Boomer Eric and Boomer Brady and Boomer these pics obviously...
  4. Pictures
    I used to use a tractor for this but Rocky works just fine. Here he is is gettin fire wood... Don't laugh at the homemade harness it works just fine..
1-4 of 5 Results