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  1. Health & Nutrition
    I would like to know what are the best foods to feed my dog after an semi-intense workout such as running,flirt pole,spring pole? I have a 1 year old girl and I feed her twice a day. Once in the Am and once around 5:30pm. Does it matter if I feed her second feeding after her workout or before...
  2. Pictures
    Ha after a sprint workout, we wants to go some more, swimming pics coming soon!
  3. Pictures
    This morning fun with Chief Hugo, and Dallas! Its already 90 degrees and only 10am! They had fun though
  4. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    So we all try and keep our dogs in good shape, but what does everyone do for their own physical fitness? I was big into running last year - nothing spectacular or anything, I think I maxed at a ten minute mile (SLOW by runner standards) and I think my longest run was 6 miles. This year, my...
  5. Conditioning
    i was inspired by the picture thread, "before and after your pit was in shape". i want to know the weekly work outs you and your pit dogand for how long. i rescue and rehome different dogs constantly, and some day i would like to own my own rescue. but right now my main focus is building muscle...
  6. Pictures
    Here are some pics i got today.. everyone has been getting their asses worked off the past two weeks ;) Tutu The old woman ;) Tater Nationals this week will probly be Teardrops last adba pull.. hes goin to an apa in November to finish his extreme title them...
  7. Pictures
    Here are a few pics from today... enjoy :D Phoenix Medusa Tonka Cali Tater Teardrop
  8. Pictures
    We had a good little work out this morning :) D is doing great and working hard, I can't wait to take this boy to a pull :) Dosia gets so excited when he see's the harness. First thing he does is run out into the yard and grab a ball and proceed prance around like a dork cause he's so excited...
  9. Pictures
    Charlie still needs some toning, but MO was spur of the moment. Here is a picture from our walk this morning from my phone.
  10. Pictures
    Look at those rears :) Who said little dogs cant work ?Peanut and Nanny :)
  11. Conditioning
    good ways to work our back legs???
  12. Conditioning
    does anybody have any good tips on a full body workout for pitbulls,there is a slow river by my house my dogs like jumping in there to get 10-15 lbs sticks,is that safe and is it a good workout,also running my dogs like to pull me on the bike is that a good workout?i try not to let them do it to...
  13. Pictures
    sorry for the crappy cam, we found the kids playing catch with it. well not so much like catch. anticipating commands....barking..foot stomping and alert tail....GO TIME!!!!! and nearly a hour later i force the game to end and onyx STILL wants to go. he took initiative to go for another 12...
  14. General Discussion
    Ive been taking my dogs running and i keep having this problem where obviously i cant keep up with them to the leash sorta chokes them and makes them breath kind of weird. So i got on a bike and went faster but then sometimes i have them pull for short distances kinda to work there muscles more...
  15. The Family Room
    When I exercise Abby always wants to put her outfit on so I got her one yesterday. So we got pics in front of clean laundry. lol Vincent wanted out. It's only duck tape by his arm.
  16. Conditioning
    My dad was looking at my dog a couple days back and told me how he conditionded his dogs. He would let the dog drag chains around the park one day, then he would let them swim the other day and he would alternate. He told me at first his dogs hated the water so he would grab there tail and face...
  17. Conditioning
    so i'm just wondering how to get my boy a bit more toned, show more muscle, he's just a house dog we don't show or compete. this is how he looks now, his only excersice is chasing rabbits all day long and we go on walks once in a great while. thanx for any suggestions:woof:
  18. General Discussion
    how long should i wait to give kane water or food after a good hard workout on a moderately hot day we did spring pole work, flirt pole and a lil fetch! we came in and hes panting really bad to cool off but i heard its bad to give them water or food immedietly after bc of bloat!? so i was...
1-19 of 23 Results