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  1. Pictures
    Here's a short video of Earl being handled by a UKC OB Judge. I will add that this is the first time Earl meet Vita so obviously it's the first time she's handled Earl. I've also attached a few photos of Vita working Miss Poison Ivy. Ivy did such a great job today and Vita really liked Miss...
  2. Pictures
    I shot these yesterday before training. It was our 2nd Annual Working Pit Bull Central Christmas Photo Shoot! You can see more phtots here. WPBC Christmas Shoot. Fur Mommy approved ear crop!!!! We let a couple of Pointy Face Dog in on the fun.
  3. General Discussion
    doug (elvisfink) was gracious enough to invite me to check out a day at working pit bull central in long beach on sunday . said i could bring my dog and crate leash etc other than dog parks (dont start), beach , public places and peoples homes i ve never taken samson anywhere really where he...