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  1. Pictures
    Here are some pictures of Siren when she won the Championship! Courtesy of Emily Roach! First attack on handler What a great grip, nice and full! Bark and hold Drive through the Barrels With her first place cup and Bling collar!! Of course siren would be screaming down the WP...
  2. General Discussion
    I will post more when I get the rest of the names of the dogs who competeted. Siren won the WPBTCA Championships!! She competed in Weight Pull, Conformation, Agility, Obedience, and Protection. She won overall with a first place in protection. K9 Performance Knls Siren 2012 WPBTCA Champion...
  3. Pictures
    Great video that Eric Shearer put together. You'll see lots of footage of Leri Hanson and Cassie (1st Place) Lisa Berry and Siren (2nd Place) plus all the rest of the Performance Kennel crew. We all had a great time.
  4. Event Results and Event Photos
    cross post ‎2011 WPBTCA Championship Results The WORKING PITBULL Board: 2011 WPBTCA Championship Results POSTED BY RON MARSHALL ON THE WORKING PIT BULL BOARD "Thanks to all who came out to compete and / or spectate! It was another great show in CA! Thanks to Checkmate Dog Sports for hosting!"...
  5. Pictures
    Here are a few photos to go with Lisa report on from the WPBTCA Nationals Leri Hanson and Cassie took 1st place over all in Open Siren and I were a close second. I made some handling errors in protection and it cost me a lot of points. Leri had a well deserved win, it was close all weekend with...
  6. General Discussion
    It was a long gruling weekend and thanks to everyone that helped! I ran poor Krystal in her heels ragged at the WP and when Holly decided to wake up she helped too ;) Doug was the best since I am still invading his house with 10 dogs, lol. For those that don't know I went to working Pit Bull...
  7. Events, Results & Photos
    Please join us for our 2011 National Championship, to be held in Compton, CA!! This year's event will be held from September 23-25, 2011. The event address is: 1050 W. Walnut Ca, Compton, CA 90220 To pre-register, you may do so online, here: 2011 WPBTCA National Championship West Coast
  8. General Discussion
    i just posting a small recap. my wife 3 girls and i arrived around 1230pm. nice decent crew in attendance. my girls were playing with another cutie pie little girls. my girls were just saying hi to every pitbull coming up to them and lovin it. it was dog kiss land to them, left and right...
  9. Events, Results & Photos
    tomorrow at 9:30am onyx has a skin scrapping for his mange, i think this will be the first negative scraping. after the appt i am going to drop him off at mom's house so he can play with his boxer pack mate. packing up the family and heading around 2hrs south to meet owners and new opinions on...
  10. Events, Results & Photos
    This is the link for this show. 2009 WPBTCA Championship Information Who else wants to go?
1-10 of 11 Results