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  1. Pictures
    #1 Female!!!!!! Now on to the CH class rankings next season...will be much harder :p :woof:
  2. Pictures
    Some updated pictures. 13 months! Enjoy!
  3. Pictures
    And he knows it!! Check out his butt muscles! (Leave me alone, I'm still kinda shocked a Beagle can look this sexy! )
  4. General Discussion
    Any breeders on here make use of this process? How long does the semen last? So a "breeding" between a female, and say a fantastic stud dog, could take place even though the stud has been deceased for 10 years? Just curious, because I'm quite sure that there is some unbelieveable semen...
  5. General Discussion
    im going to start doing area and building searches with my dog, im super stoked to see how he does!!!
  6. General Discussion
    Keeps me from smoking rock and shooting dope LOL Trying to stay out of trouble ;)
  7. General Discussion
    i had a dude come up to my door and ask for water for his dog. did I turn him away? hell no I got the water and AM I paranoid? hell yea who in there right mind is going to come to MY place they don't know and ask for water for there dog? i WAS BORN AT NIGHT BUT NOT LAST NIGHT
  8. General Discussion
    After not updating my myspace in 2 years I figured it was time for a face lift. I'll be adding more pictures tomorrow or so if I get the chance. Check her out... myspace.com/shanawak
  9. Conditioning
    ok so I did search and didn't really find what I was looking for. my backyard doesn't have a tree, so I was planning on building my spring pole out of 6"x6" posts or 4x4 I think it would be strong enough and bury about 2 feet deep. use a garage door spring , rope and a toy. so my question is...
  10. General Discussion
    Ok I was heading down my street and noticed in field 3 little pups! I went to go get them and noticed Mom and 2 others in the yard next to the field. So I pushed the pups back under the fence and blocked it. I came back later when the owners where home to tell them their pups where getting loose...
  11. Pictures
    I couldn't help myself...Deebo is a friggin idiot. Charlotte is about a month away from her cycle but this fool refuses to believe that! He has done this since we first got Charlotte @ 4 months. It's a dominance thing I know, what a perv, right?
  12. General Discussion
    This is my newest protege Romeo aka Ro. he is currently 7 months old and as far as i am concerned he is perfect. A great personality, good temperment, great drive, and an amazing build... that last one i especially enjoy. He is quite a specimen IMHO. and just think this is with no work...
  13. General Discussion
    i done with this fourm. our dog has plenty of confidence and is a great dog. everyone has told us he is an outstanding model for APBT. obviously no one on here can take a joke, every time i post something on here i get down talked.
  14. General Discussion
    Lookin for good obedience/protection trainers in the louisiana AREA can anyone help?
1-14 of 19 Results