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  1. Health & Nutrition
    My dog is one 1 year 2 months. She weighs 54 pounds and is a little active. I bought her the wellness brand dog food from Petsmart which has a lot of good ingredients and vitamins like glucosamine which is good for her joints. I feed her approximately 2 3/4 cups a day. Is this the amount I...
  2. pitbull behavior
    We have a two year old pitt mix rescue. I am aware of the possible dog aggression, however Moses is developing some bad manners that he didn't have before. We caught him on the kitchen counters ( not usual for him at all), and has tried to take food right out of my hand!! He also isn't listening...
  3. Health & Nutrition
    I have a 10 year old pit who for the past couple months has been very lethargic and acts like he's very uncomfortable. He trembles very badly in the morning and daytime for a couple hours. He has labored breathing when he tries to sleep and very very bloodshot eyes 24/7. He is drinking about...
  4. Pictures
    Hello everyone, I rescued Cocoa August of 2006 at a shelter. She was there for 4 month. The shelter said she was 2 1/2, and when I brought her to the vet to get spayed they said she was between 1-2 1/2, so I don't know her exact age. The oldest would be 11 assuming she was 2 1/2 when I...
  5. The Pitbull Lounge
    Happy New Year to the gopitbull.com community! I wish you, your family, and your dogs a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2015 :cheers: Cheers! DT
  6. Pictures
    Hope everyone here in the GP family are doing great. We had a very busy productive year here.. our yard has gotten ALOT bigger and I have some nice new additions.. our crew made us very proud this year with 4 new national titles and 5 new ace titles.. now that winter is setting in and everyone...
  7. Pictures
  8. Events, Results & Photos
    Introducing Vader. He is one year old.
  9. Pictures
    It's official. It's been one whole year since this monster came into our lives and he truly completed us! He's spoiled a** rotten and thinks he's just it, but he's our baby boy and we couldn't imagine life without this currently chunky monkey!
  10. General Discussion
    hi I have a year old pitbull mix that just will not stop jumping and biting the leash she tries playing tug a war with me with the leash i was wondering if there was a way to get her to stop this bad habit
  11. Events, Results & Photos
    I already posted a lot of this mushy parade of FB, but I'm still glowing so... Garp and I jumped SRS again this weekend in Sioux Falls. This event was the 1 year anniversary to the day of his very first dock jumping competition, so it was a pretty special weekend for us. One year ago, Garp...
  12. Events, Results & Photos
    Looking to go to a show or event this year in Ohio with my family. Anyone know of anything coming up anywhere in Ohio?
  13. Pictures
    June is definitely a big birthday month!! I can't believe Veronica turned 8...I really have no idea where the past 8 years went. I made a little video of her past year from 7 - 8.
  14. General Discussion
    this is my bf and mines first big dog and i grew up with a pit but she was older when i was a kid. we got titus at a shelter and they said he was 2 however id say hes more like 1-1/5. l I feel like he never listens to me! he listens to my bf and sometimes other people but its almost as if he...
  15. Health & Nutrition
    My 2 year old 2 month old this morning threw up 2 (a yellow liquidy substance) and didn't eat for almost 24 hours. She moped around all day and was very warm. When I pinched the back of her skin between her shoulder blades to see if she was dehydrated it went back to relatively quickly. She...
  16. Obedience Training
    I recently started dating my boyfriend who has a very well behaved, obedient 2 year old pit bull. I've never had a dog so this is all very new to me. In the last few weeks, I have noticed that although he (the dog) will listen to me, he doesn't exactly obey me. When he sits and stays for my...
  17. General Discussion
    Drum roll please! The winner of the Merrick Dog Food for a year contest is Lori W. She’s mom to two poodles… and another puppy on the way. She’ll need all the help she can get and by feeding her dogs Merrick, they’ll have a healthy 2014! She’s won a year’s supply of Merrick dog food, as well as...
  18. Pictures
    Hey everyone. I havent been around in a bit! Too long. Anyhow, i thought I'd share some pics of this big 1 year old. Hope everyone is well!
  19. Raw Foods
    We are looking for pros and cons regarding frozen straws being done. We could ask the vet, but we want to have the opinions of people on this forum. I'm wondering if it would be a wise thing to have these frozen straws done on our 6 year old male dog who has lymphoma. Maybe I'm asking a...
  20. General Discussion
    My newest addition Bear chillin with my 6 month old presa pup. Bear is from UKC gr ch rudy and UKC gr ch Xena mostly Gaff bloodline