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  1. Pictures
    I cant upload a photo :/ its telling me to put in the URL for it and i cant work out how to lol
  2. Pictures
    Haven't stopped by here in quite some time. Thought I'd share a few photos I shot of him on his 7th Birthday and a few random one.
  3. Ear crops
    This is my handsome boy King he is 12 weeks old and just had his ears done yesterday and I am absolutely loving them!:roll: I'm not sure how to turn the pictures the correct way if anyone can feel free to fix them :)
  4. Conditioning
    Figured id take a stab at making a carpet mill.. So I put together a little mental plan and here is the outcome.. whatcha think? :)
  5. General Discussion
    so dharma got spayed yesterday, she was really groggy the rest of the day and we layed around. today she wanted to run and jump and play. i gave her the pain meds this morning and hoping that calms her down but its going to be a long 10-14 days of trying to keep her no running or jumping. she is...
  6. Pictures
    Just a couple random Photos I took yesterday. Apollo Running Snow being a Goof She is my Vermin snatching dog. :) Loves catching Possums. Had her nose on something Yesterday. But I didn't go check it out. It was probably just a little king snake or something. Apollo just didn't want any...
  7. Pictures
    Long story short he needed a home I gave him one. Was told he is a Remyline Bully and is 5 months old. He weighs 45.2 lbs. What type of bully is he and how big will he get? My 3yr old blue female in the pic has a pretty big head for her structure so keep that in mind while gauging size...
  8. Pictures
    Me and a couple friends took out kato for a few mile walk and ended at the grassy field so we all had a good time running around with him, then we all sat down to relax and he decided that my friends lap would be a good place to sit :P Sent from my iPhone using Petguide.com Free App
  9. Pictures
    So yesterday was a cloudy dreary day so the original pics looked horrid lol so I edited them and I think they look decent :) dont freak out the bag weighs 5 lbs at most...its just something for them to do...they both enjoy it and we only do it for a short time. muscle boy! who knew...
  10. Conditioning
    My lil pup Anabis @ Protection training My lil pup sure is show how much he loves to work :) Xade @ Protection training before our Presa Speciality "Monographica" Sent from my iPhone using PG Free
  11. General Discussion
    1890-1910: The Golden Years~ (L.Colby) Dogs were expected to take care themselves. If it was jumped by another dog in the street, it was expected to "lick it." A dog, however was not expected to be a bully--starting trouble int he street for no reason. And because dogs did run the streets...
  12. Pictures
    went out to my gmas for Mothers Day and a couple of my cousins brought their dogs.. littermates to Diesel.. had i known they would bring them i would have brought Diesel to come hang out... you'll probably wonder how Diesel was part of the litter.. lol the big boy w/ the half white face is...
  13. Pictures
    We went to Dog Day Afternoon here in Nola yesterday. We all had a BLAST. I must say I am very proud of all three of my babies. They were absolutely perfect! I didn't bring my own personal camera, but there was a professional photographer that took random ones. Anyway, this is all I have...
1-13 of 68 Results