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  1. Pictures
    Sorry about the pic quality on a few of these. They were taken with my camera phone. My digi camera just gave out on me on christmas eve. Puppy Love Jr my newbie I love the look on Helena's face! My Junie Me and Jr on his first trip to the river parks And Zachary! :)
  2. Pictures
    The Infamous Cup Face Boy and White Head Dog Doing their best Gene Simmons Impressions Helena says "i had nothing to do with this I am napping" I told Zach to come give Helena lovins and this is what happened :rofl::rofl:
  3. The Family Room
    Zachary is going through a hugging phase. :) Today we were at the cell phone store and a woman walked in with 3 year old twin girls. Zach let out this loud squeal and went and hugged one of them! :rofl: We were laughing so hard and then he went and hugged the other! He is always chasing the lil...
  4. The Family Room
    "Merry Christmas GoPitBull!" And I thought it would be cute to through this one in.... Christmas 2009 :)
  5. Pictures
    Here is my lil angel, and my lil devil... lol They take turns interchanging the roles! Any tips on keeping the dogs eyes from glowing in the pics??? Helena says "geez, how long do I have to sit still for this?" puppy kisses this is my favorite! Thanks for looking!!!! :)
  6. The Family Room
    My Zach man turned 7 months yesterday! It is hard to believe he has grown so fast! The time has flown by! He enjoys spending most of his moments on the floor, dragging himself around with his arms. He's getting up in crawling position, but seems to be pretty happy with the way he's figured out...
  7. The Family Room
    Hey everyone just completed my video. I hope you all enjoy it! Zachary is 10 weeks now. He weighs over 12lbs and is 23 in long! He was 7lb 9 oz at birth. We had to go out shopping for 3 to 6 month clothes already! :) We got him some Nike onesies and Puma onesies and pants. And some cutesy...
1-8 of 8 Results