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  1. Pictures
    Was asked by a company if they sent me a collar n leash would I take a pic of Zeke in it so of course YESSS lol... Anyways got here and I love it. Spikes arent real pointy and dont hurt me like some of them do. This is still just a picture collar lol, he is too goofy to actually wear spikes all...
  2. Pictures
    have not posted any of mine for awhile so thought Id post a few up of Zeke today. His stick , that usually ends with me having bruised ankles and shins
  3. Pictures
    Zeke out playing the other day. Don't take pictures when im drinkin this is MY ball You still taking pics of me? YAAA I look good lol
  4. Pictures
    Haven't posted these guys for awhile so thought would throw a few pics up. Just finished moving and started a new job and soon starting school so things are a bit hectic here at times. Anyways once we get settled in a bit more I can get some newer pics put up of the whole crew. No fence in this...
  5. Pictures
    Had a request in crush's picture thread for more of Zeke so here is a couple .
  6. General Discussion
    Well we got a call last friday about a female that we have been wanting , a friend breeder of ours bought a bunch of dogs off another kennel and said he finally has something we have been asking for and is sure of it, so ok bring her by we will check her out. She was suppose to arrive on his 1st...
  7. Pictures
    If you do, then you'll LOVE Zeke! He's the worlds cutest animated German Rotti and absolutely LOVES water hose! :) Thanks so much Holly for your help! When i did what you said i got another trail! :hug:
1-7 of 7 Results