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  1. Pictures
    Here he is at 31/2 months and 30 pounds sleeping in my tv chair
  2. Pictures
    Hi All, Just found this forum and looking forward to learning about our new Rescue Pup. He's 10 months old and he is FULL OF ENERGY:) Would love info on how to interact our 9 year old rescue dog with our pup. We have tried the neutral park walk, the fence in between interaction, and a few other...
  3. General Discussion
    Old Family Red, this guy is insane and fearless They are locked up for behaving My Zeus and my gf's mothers dog that is staying for the month
  4. Health & Nutrition
    I did some searching about this problem but all I found was people suggesting the slow feed bowl! he has one already and swallows his food whole like its his last meal! When we feed him kibble at night it lasts 30 secs. IF that! He doesn't slow down and chew it? i try to feed him 2-3 pieces by...
  5. Pictures
    Two months old DFFD
  6. New Member Introductions
    New member(s) here! My wife and I will be sharing this profile. We just got our first APBT. He is a very handsome Blue Nose boy named Zeus! We have only had him for a couple of weeks and he is an absolute joy. Thanks to the threads I have been lurking in for a little while now, Zeus is almost...
  7. Pictures
    6 weeks old 8 weeks old About 4 months 5 months most recent Sent from my iPhone using PG Free
  8. Pictures
    Lost my first Pit last week, may he rest in peace.
  9. Pictures
    My new pup. Zeus at 10 weeks and 3 days weighing in at 22lbs.
  10. Weight Pulling
    So I put Zeus in his training harness for the first time from Table Rock Harness tonight, and I figure I am going to track my progress and his. I will try to update this as ether changes are made or as I think to make a video. So for tonight, I had him in the harness long enough to take the...
  11. Pictures
    This is my boy Zeus, only had him 1 week. The three pictures are him, my daughter sleeping on him, and my wife and him on the couch together. I was told by the rescue group, he is a pure am staff, but his color is crazy cool looking, has the color of a doby. Sorry for the quality but these were...
  12. Pictures
    somebody asked for some current pics of zeus the other day, so her ya go....
  13. General Discussion
    Zeus is the most non agressive pitbull I know. But at the same time he just turned 6 months old. Anyways last night Zeus scared the heck out of me and my son for a second. My son my self and Zeus were all in the family room watching tv and Zeus had fallen asleep. My son at the time had just gone...
  14. Obedience Training
    So Zeus is still a little puppy at only 5 1/2months old. But I lost it last night. Since the weather has been beautiful out here in florida I have been leaving my back french doors cracked open to let the cool air in. Therefore Zeus goes in and out when I am home as he pleases. Zeus never chews...
  15. General Discussion
    I can't believe it every time I look at past pics where did my little baby go. Zeus just turned 5 months old and weighs 37lbs. To me that seems like a pretty good size for 5 months old. Is that on the skinnier side or bigger side would you say?
  16. Pictures
    Look closely, hes winking out of his left eye! I didn't realize it until I was looking at them on here..
  17. General Discussion
    So I'm taking my boy Zeus to the vet in just a few minutes. This has been tearing me up all day, just a little history, my past 2 labs both had mast cell tumors so this is freaking me out. I can't deal with cancer again. He's only a year and a half old too. Sorry if this doesn't make any...
1-19 of 38 Results