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  1. General Discussion
    Lefty is now 2 years old and Zildjian will be 7 in August. :) :love2:
  2. Pictures
    Zildjian turned 6 years old in Aug. I've been MIA for a while. School is kicking my rear! Lefty is great as well, spoiled as ever just like Z. Lol. Took a few snapshots earlier today.
  3. Pictures
    My old man Zildjian. Can't believe he'll be 6 in August. Lefty will be a year old May 13th. SHEESH! already! His hair on his butt is finally coming back... He had an allergy to the laundry soap we use on his bedding.
  4. Pictures
    Zildjian will be 6 in August. (81lbs) And Lefty will be 1yr old in May. (45lbs)
  5. General Discussion
    I don't know who has read the thread Amy made for me about Zildjian having that spot where his hair came off at while I was drying him off. but, He is okay! He had an allergic reaction to some organic treats we had gave to him. He's got ear drops and anti-biotics for about 4 more days. & he...
  6. Pictures
    Lefty adores Zildjian. Haha, Its too cute.
  7. Pictures
    My Mom has this photo printed (better quality) in a photo frame that says Grand Kids are a Blessing. And She includes Z into that since I don't have kids. He was lovin' layin all the way across the bed with my neices. LOL.
  8. Pictures
    Hard to think this monster will be 5 years old in August. Zildjian at about 4months old Zildjian - Couple days ago
  9. General Discussion
    He's coming up on 5years old (in august). He still is very bouncy at times, but hes pretty chill and sleeps alot. When i go out to play or anything he tires quickly. Anything I can do to help him like... enjoy it more and not get burnt out so fast? Thanks :)
  10. Pictures
    These aren't the best, but I just wanted to update ya'll on photos. I can't believe he is going to be 4 yrs old in August!
  11. Pictures
    Imageshack - zildjianandpi
  12. Pictures
    I have more, just forgot my other memory card at home when i randomly stoped here at the library.
  13. Pictures
    Superman ? Lol. The Sun Is To Bright Mom ! Sleepyyyy
  14. Pictures
    The snow is the most recent, I have more just not here.
  15. Pictures
    Zildjians fat head ! I got my toy!
1-20 of 38 Results