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    Bear got the zoomies when i came outside to see him, an i had to wash his dirty paws LOL
  2. Pictures
    Gracie flipped out today when I put fresh water in her pool. :)
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    Alexa was full of energy today, she got the zoomies
  4. Pictures
    Took forever to upload. Please ignore my crazy puppy voice. I know he's older, but I can't stop using it. :( :D :rofl:
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  6. Pictures
    So we got hit with 7 inches of snow; here are the pics and videos. White Dog finally warmed up to the snow.
  7. Pictures
    Maggie zooming her first snow fall of the year.
  8. Pictures
    Post your zoomie video or photo! Here's one of Sapphire. Enjoy.
  9. Pictures
    Here's some pics of Marley being a silly old man, he was really zoomin lol. Thanks for looking :D
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    gimmee arggg yess i just needed some help k lemme down gotcha happy times can i come out now? run belly! run!! get outta here! biding my time.. muahahha!! snow.. so deep... snow in the face! so she hid under the porch thanks for looking :D
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    Had the video camera ready when Coco got the zoomies. :woof:
  12. Pictures
    I filmed this a year or so back and thought it was funny. :) http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v207/MikeV/?action=view&current=2005_0101TashaZoomie0001.flv
  13. General Discussion
    this puppy has lost his damn mind. for the last 5 min or so he has been running around the bedroom catapulting (sp?) from wall to wall. and he just learned how to growl. sounds like a frigin gremlin... i love it
  14. Pictures
    In the house?! Bad dog! Funny how Zoomies don't work to well on tile floor. lol Talking Sh!t And Tank, getting ganged up on.