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2+ dog owner warning

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Well today finally broke the being able to keep them together most of the time to pretty much not at all..

I took them out to the baseball park walking them together (each on opposite sides of me) on the trails as normal routine when about 45 minutes in all of a sudden Kilie goes after Myles, no reason, no warning and no desire other than lets go. Just like that, in a split second these dogs can go from zero to 100 at any given time, any given place without any previous history of the sorts.

When it was all said and done what Kilie started both were determined to finish it, break stick in hand and quick thinking resolved this situation with minimal "damage" to either one of them. Both Kilie and Myles have been highly DA of any other dog for the past several months however this was the first incident that wasn't just a scruffle yet a full blown war between them. Fortunately for past experiences/knowledge i was able to act quickly as stated before, secure one in the car with a/c turned on and continue walking one then switching out later on in the day.

The point of this thread is not for self praise or acknowledgement rather a recent reminder for those who A. believe you can fight genetics and B. for anyone new to this breed who wants a second dog, remember what your getting yourself into and remember the day will come. Sooner or later no matter how well trained your dog(s) are, genetics overrule your training.
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i'm actually really impressed by ur post OP. i know break sticks oughta be everywhere your dogs frequent- the yard, the house. dunno why i never thought about havin it on ur person when ur out on walks... totally makes sense tho. glad i don't have to deal with DA with mine but always lookin for it. my pup still irritates my girl so playtime is very moderated and the majority of the time they are separated anyhow unless we're all in the house relaxing but again- never trust a pit bull not to fight. even if they aren't the one to start it- they will finish it. words that i learned the first night i discovered this sight and have rung true since. love all the knowledge and wisdom in so many members here. keep spreadin the wealth ya'll!!!!
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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