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My wife and I have decided to rescue a mix breed 2 year old. No papers, but definitely she looks to have some bully breed in her. She has been at the shelter for about two months. We intend to do a shutdown but have some specific questions based on our situation since we've never done a shutdown before. BTW, she would be the only dog in the house.

1. Where is the best place to put the crate during this time? We live in a three story townhouse, but it's not the biggest place. I've read that it should be in a room that does not get much activity. My specific question is if you think the finished basement is ok. We're not down there all that often, but it is definitely the easiest place for us to put the crate due to space. We can be more intentional about being in the basement more often to help her sense us. Just wondering if any of you have experience or think this is too isolated.

2. So we are to crate her the majority of the time? We don't have a back yard so we'll have to take her out to do her business, but other than that no walks correct? Just some play short play times throughout the day? Where do I feed her? In her crate?

Thanks for helping me out with some ideas.
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