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So I've been training a couple weeks now using the e-collar, things have been going great! I've basically been following the method of using very low stim levels and training recall, and a default stay with sit/down.

My dog is a bit reactive (not aggressive) but very interested which can cause quick lunging, pulling, basically tantrum throwing behaviors is what it looks like without much vocalization, maybe a little whining. I've proofed the behaviors at a distance so far with other dogs and he's done quite well. Here are my questions:

1. When do you know your dogs ready to be proofed in higher distracting environments: pet stores, walking through crowds, etc. (I might dab into some therapy dog training so it's important to me he be bombproof in these areas if he is the right fit). Do you use the stim in these environments initially to ensure you get compliance?

2. I don't plan to take him off leash but I would like to bring him on a 20ft lead to give him a bit more freedom to explore. What rules do you have for this if he's on a long line/off leash...do you call him back periodically? How much freedom do you give him?

3. I've noticed that after just a couple weeks of training, other behaviors that were an issue seem to have gotten better. Did you notice this as well...that the e-collar indirectly helped some other issues you might have had?

4. So far I haven't the need to go up/down much and been mainly using his working level of stim which ranges from about a 6-9 depending on the environment. How often have you had to raise the stim to get the desired behavior?

5. My goal is that the recall and sit/down w/stay become pretty much bombproof behaviors as those can pretty much help with any emergency or distraction. What were your goals and how strict were you/how long did you train in making certain commands bombproof no matter the distraction?

6. After your pretty confident in your dog's recall how do you carry your transmitter? In pocket, on lanyard? Or do you always hold it in your hand?

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