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We have had our puppy since 6 weeks (rescued her from a bad environment). She picked up potty training fairly quickly, first with the wee wee pad since she was too little to go outside and then once we started to take her outside she picked up fairly quickly as well.

Until recently she has been very good about going to the door and scratching or jumping at it to let us know she needed to go outside to potty. She would only have an accident once every few weeks.

For the last week or two she has been consistently having a pee accident every one - two days, usually between 9-11pm right before she goes to bed for the night. She also hasn't been going to the door anymore to let us know she has to go, she usually holds it until we take her out during her usual times (after being in the crate, or drinking water or waking up from a nap).

The easy solution is to take her out automatically around that time anticipating that the accident may happen, but what's worrying is that she hasn't been going to the door anymore to let us know she needs to go. Has anyone else experienced this change? We have been trying to be more vigilant about praising her profusely and giving her treats when she goes outside.
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