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My Patch O' Pits was chosen to test out the durability of this beautiful 1.5" brown with red, yellow and green Celtic scroll pattern, nickle no buckle slide Collar Mania collar.
It is made of marine grade vinyl over nylon, so it is durable and bacteria resistant.
Isn't it gorgeous?
THANKS Lisa!!!

Touche' smiles and barks, "Oh Mommy I love the new collar!!! It makes me smile even bigger than usual!!!! Hmmm... I think it looks better on me mom! Don't let Bodacious wear it!"

Bodacious asks, "So, how do I look in the new collar???? Hey Touche' this is MINE!!!!!
Hey mom, It isn't fair! Why do I have to share??? This should be alllllllllll mine...." whines Bodacious!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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