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We just found out that our comissioners will vote this Wednesday on making our animal shelter a "Hold and Kill" facility.
I don't know if this is the appropriate place to post this, please move if needed.

On May 24, 2012 the head of the County Public Health Department (the entity we are run under) proposed that due to lack of funds we should be taken back to a "pound". the only animals that will be accecepted into the shelter will be dogs picked up by the single ACO. We will no longer accept any cats, period, and the public will not be able to bring in any dog whether stray or their own. If the dog does not have identification it will be euthanized in 72 hours, if the dog has ID it will have a mear 5 days to be claimed by it's owner before it is euthanized.
When brought before our comissioners they were all in agreement that this was the only way to go.
A final vote will be on May 30, 2012 and public comment will be accepted.

I am asking anybody and everybody to blow up emails and phones to try and stop this.

Link to the County Comissioners
Josephine County Online - Board of County Commissioners Homepage

And the email for the public health director
[email protected]

Here is the link to the shelter Facebook page, more information can be seen through our links

This is absolutely ridiculous, we have been running on the same budget for four years with no problem. they laid off our supervisor(minimum of $50,000 gone) and they are running the shelter just fine right now with two part time shelter employees and one full time ACO as well as volunteers. I see no reason we can't continue, except for the fact that the PHD does not like the responsibility of animal control and the shelter.

If you all could make some noise i would be greatfull, and if you have any questions or need facts please email me at [email protected]

I have been advised by the union not to speak directly regarding this, but i have no problem loosing my job if this is the way it is going to go.
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