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Abused, neglected dogs AC not doing anything

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My BYB/Hording SCUM of an aunt has 12 dogs
1 cannot even walk! he drags his back legs (he hasn't been to the vets at all)

1 dog is limping (I may snag him up)
8 pups that are all under weight
1 of the pups has an eye infection and his eye he may lose it.
and the momma is under weight aswell.

We have called AC in the area. they seen these dogs in this condition and arenot concerned and arenot going to press to rescue these dogs!
these animals have NO shelters outside and starve for days because their owners cannot afford food for 12 dogs. I am sick of it! you can see bones sticking out on these dogs! these dogs are in a BAD situation and all the AC says is they are fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO THEY ARENOT FINE!!!!!

anyone who can see hipbones and ribs on a dog will tell you they areNOT fine! we are all just frustrated at thi point..we have been trying to seek omeone who cares enough to get them out and they will most likely start to get really sick and die.......but I am sure their local AC wont give two rats rears.

maybe we should be reporting the AC for neglecting to help dogs who really need it!
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This is your Aunt? Can't you or your family members take matters in to there own hands to get these dogs the help they need? What about calling the local SPCA or shelter in your area. Forget the Animal control officer they can be USELESS. We have a useless one in my city. I hope you can figure something out for these poor dogs :(
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