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So I guess while I was at work today. Someone tried to steal my dogs.
We know who it is.

he is a friend of a friend of a guy who lives upstairs from us. He took Beia's leash out of my roomies cousin's hand(he's 14) and would not give it back.(this guy is always commenting on them,and always asking to hold one of their leashes,or asking if they are always leashed)

My roomie and the cousin(even though he was scared to death) fought to hold onto the leash and get her back.

While this was going on, the other friend tried to snatch Bruno. I am lucky that some people drove by and stopped,cause they felt something was not right.

Now,the question is,what do I do? I was not there,but I feel scared for my dogs now.

Do I call the cops? Do I contact the apt. manager? This is the same moron who got his butt kicked the other night by these guys upstairs,and was tossed outside butt naked.(I am so glad i missed that)

Anyway please help!(I can't wait to move)
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First thing's first, I'm sorry you live in such an area that you have to be afraid of protecting yourself, your home and your dogs.

Second of all, do as everyone suggested and file a complaint, whether you have to call them to come out to your apartment, or you go directly to the station.

I'm sorry, but my dogs are like my kids, and nobody messes with either of those, or my money!! You shouldn't be afraid to protect yourself, your dogs, or your home. Stop worrying about any possible retaliation and do what you need to do. Woman up! If Beia and Bruno were your kids and not dogs, would you still hesitate to call and file a complaint if someone had tried to kidnap them!? Seriously, you need to toughen up and take care of what's yours.
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