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My mothers dog Reese has been nearly starved to death (Thats how my mother found her & rescued her. She had been eating her own :poop: & all the grass around her was gone to stay alive and had no water when we found her) And she isn't agressive towards kids, adults or even zildjian. She does bark at cats, we don't let her get close enough to one though to find out. but, her food is a diff story. When she eats we let her eat alone. I can pet and love on her, but if other dogs are around or walk by she growls.

Zildjian assumes everything and everybody loves him.
He isn't agressive towards anybody or anything.
LOVES cats, kids, anything.

How come Reese isn't agressive towards people if she was treated that way?
Just curious.

And zildjian. Only ever growled agressively once at my ex when he has me pinned against a wall and I was crying. I assumed it was cause he knows I was in distress.

Just wondering what ya'lls input is. Thanks. :)
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