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This issue first came up in May when the mayor of Jasper, Alabama proposed a breed ban that would include "pit bulls," dobermans, rottweilers, chow chowss, including mixes of and/or dogs that have the appearance of these breeds. After a council work session in June, the proposal was dropped. As a dog ordinance is still being debated, those in and around the Jasper area are encouraged to attend city council meetings and offer their input in crafting an effective ordinance that benefits the entire community - humans and animals alike.

Initial Alert:
BSL ALERT: Jasper, Alabama | Bless the Bullys

June 10, 2011 article:
Daily Mountain Eagle - Council discusses animal control ordinance

Jasper contemplates ordinance against dangerous dogs

Posted: Jul 14, 2011 8:29 PM PDT Updated: Jul 14, 2011 8:29 PM PDT
By Sherea Harris


The mayor of Jasper is taking steps to address a problem with vicious dogs in neighborhoods.

Bill Blazer's wife was attacked by a neighbor's pit bull that escaped in May. She was left with bad scars on the inside of her left leg and the dog's teeth marks could not be stitched.

It was such a traumatic experience that his wife didn't want to talk on camera about it. Because of complaints about vicious dogs, Mayor Sonny Posey has put together a six person committee to create an ordinance.

Bill Blazer wants the city to specifically ban pit bulls before somebody is else is attacked like his wife was.

Blazer said, "Look at the overall picture. Look at all the states that have banned pit bulls, look at all the research that says pit bulls are unpredictable."

Vicious dogs were the main topic at a city council meeting this week.

There were some folks who spoke out against a breed specific ordinance.

They believe that not all pit bulls are dangerous and such an ordinance would not be fair.

Jasper contemplates ordinance against dangerous dogs
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