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I'm not having much luck getting contact info... The council will be making a decision on this issue in the next month. ~ Jodi

Centerville City Clerk
314 E Maple St
Centerville, IA 52544-2248

Centerville Area Chamber of Commerce
128 N. 12th Street, Centerville, IA 52544641-437-4102
fax 641-437-0527

City toughens up on certain dog breeds

(CENTERVILLE, Iowa) Dogs are often considered man's best friend, but every once in awhile, they can prove to be man's worst enemy.

One Heartland community is taking it upon themselves to secure their city against potentially vicious dogs. This action comes after other cities have already banned certain breeds due to attacks and even a death.

Loca is one example of a normal pit bull that lives in Centerville, Iowa who is loved by her family. She roams in her back yard on a chain, but for other pit bulls and even some rottweilers in Centerville, that could all change.

The Centerville City Council is working to strengthen the city's vicious animal ordinance because a number of residents have expressed concern.

"We had several citizens see a pit bull lose once in awhile, and they're afraid of them. They're absolutely afraid of them. So we had phone calls, and we feel we have to do something," Council member, Louise Kennis, said.

Kennis, who is working on the ordinance, said they're focusing on either banning pit bulls and rottweilers or strengthening rules on keeping them locked up.

"We are trying to be fair but still safe, we don't want a little girl killed," Kennis said.

Ottumwa Police Chief Jim Clark tells KTVO, that's an all too familiar story for Ottumwa, which already has a similar ordinance.

"We had quite a few incidences of pit bulls attacking people with quite a few injuries resulting from those attacks. The attacks culminated in the death of a young child back in 2001, I think it was... and the city council decided we needed to do something about the pit bulls in town," Chief Clark said.

Ottumwa's Dangerous Animal Ordinance specifically outlaws pit bull terriers. Ottumwa Mayor Dale Uehling said the ordinance is working.

"The fact that it was a good ordinance is in the results because we haven't had the problems that we had before when we did not have a pit bull ordinance," Mayor Uehling said.

And as for Loca's family, they'll side on behalf of the pit bull...

"She doesn't bite nobody. She hasn't bit nobody. She's really good with all the kids," Loca's Family member, Yvonne Miller, said.

Council member Kennis said they hope to make their decision on the ordinance within the next month.

As for the city of Kirksville, it also has a dangerous animal ordinance, but it doesn't specifically ban certain breeds of dogs. It only states what action can be taken if an any animal attacks someone or if a complaint is made.
--Jill Kasparie, Reporting


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