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Contact information below the article. ~ Jodi

Mayor wants pit bulls banned in Indy

May 29, 2007 05:19 PM CDT
Rich Van Wyk/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - After a pit bull nearly took a girl's arm off in Lawrence over the weekend and just a year after and a similar attack nearly took an Indianapolis' girl's life, Mayor Bart Peterson wants pit bulls banned in Marion County.

The Marion County Animal Care and Control agency has two additional officers chasing down wild and troublesome animals, enforcing the city's new Dangerous Dog Ordinance in an attempt to make neighborhoods safer.

So far this year, they've investigated 476 dog bites. While alarming that's 20 percent fewer than a year ago.

"The people whose dogs are biting are feeling a little more pain financially. " says agency spokeswoman, Media Wilson.

Owners are now fined at least $500 every time their dog bites and can be ordered to confine the animal.

"They are more likely to take precautions in the future," says Wilson, "and even more likely to have the animals destroyed."

Yet the the decrease in dog bites hasn't diminished Mayor Bart Peterson's dislike of pit bulls.

"I am tired of seeing little children getting faces and arms torn off," he said Tuesday. Peterson says he wants them banned. "How many more times are children going to be mauled before we are going to accept this is a dangerous breed of animal?" he asked.

Every year Animal control officers collect about 18 thousand animals of all kinds. Thirty percent of them are classified as pit bulls.

The city's most prevalent breed is also responsible for the greatest number of attacks. According to agency records for 2007, officers couldn't determine the breed in 20 percent of the reported dog attacks.

However pit bulls were responsible for 71 bites - or 15 percent..

German Shepherds and Labrador Retrievers rank second with seven percent - about half as many bites.

Gender is also factor. 2007 records show spayed or neutered dogs are responsible for only 15 percent of reported bites.

Male dogs account for 48 percent and females 17 percent of the bites. One time in five, victims didn't know the dog's gender or the dog apparently got away.

The mayor wanted pit bulls banned last year after Amaya Hess was nearly killed by one, but owners of various dog breeds persuaded the City County Council to pass a watered-down Dangerous Dog Ordinance.

Mayor Peterson says despite opposition from some pit bull and other dog owners, he will begin lobbying council members to support an outright ban of the breed in the city.

http://www.wthr. com/Global/ story.asp? S=6582860&nav=9Tai


Mayor Bart Peterson
2501 City-County Building
200 East Washington Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
Fax: 317-327-3980Contact form: http://www.indygov. org/eGov/ Mayor/contact. htm

Contact form for City of Indianapolis and Marion County Officials
http://www.indygov. org/eGov/ Council/contactu s.htm

Individual e-mail addresses can be found for the Indianapolis- Marion County
officials at this link: http://www.indygov. org/eGov/ Council/Councill ors/Biography/ home.htm

City-County Council of Indianapolis and Marion County
241 City-County Building
200 E.Washington St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Jodi Preis
Bless the Bullys - Defending Dog - Bull Breed Alliance of Tennessee
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