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Supervisors discuss new dog ordinance for pit bulls

A new county dog ordinance drafted by board attorney Willie Perkins Sr. was also discussed at Tuesday's meeting.
The proposed ordinance would be more stringent than the dog ordinance already on the books and would pertain specifically to pit bulls.

Perkins said the ordinance would require a pit bull to be securely confined indoors or be secluded in an outdoor pen marked by a "dangerous dog" sign.

Additionally, unconfined dogs would be muzzled and held on a leash by their owners, dogs could not be taken within 50 feet of school grounds and owners would be required to buy a $100,000 liability insurance policy.

Supervisor Phil Wolfe raised questions about a similar ordinance in Ridgeland.

Supervisor Larry "Kite" Johnson proposed that the ordinance be tabled until the board had time to research past dog policies in Ridgeland and Madison. The supervisors voted to table the issue until their next meeting on Jan. 8.


Contact information:

Board Attorney: Willie Perkins

Capitol Home
Room: 115A - NC P. O. Box 8404
P. O. Box 1018 Greenwood, MS 38935
Jackson, MS 39215 (662) 453-4108 (H)
(601) 359-3014 (662) 455-1211 (W)
(662) 453-9159 (fax)

E-mail address: [email protected] house.state. ms.us

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