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The proposed ordinance is specific to bull breeds and rottweilers. This issue will be discussed at the next city council meeting on February 15, 2007. Contact information is below the article. ~ Jodi
Police officer Malchow has presented the Council w/info from Milwaukee's ordinance requiring owners of particular breeds certain restriction. Breeds listed in the proposal include dogs that are one-half or more American staffordshire terrier, staffordshire terrier, American pit bull terrier, staffordshire bull terrier, miniature bull terrier and rottweiler.

Complete story by Craig Sauer in the Portage Daily
http://www.wiscnews .com/pdr/ news/115469

Contact Information

[email protected] .US, [email protected], [email protected] net, [email protected] com, [email protected] net, [email protected] NET, [email protected] COM, [email protected] yellowcorp. com, wav.millerandmiller @verizon. net, [email protected] ci.portage. wi.us, [email protected] portage.wi. us

City Administrator:
Larry S. Plaster
115 West Pleasant Street
Larry S. Plaster

City Attorney:
W. Andrew Voigt
311 DeWitt Street
W. Andrew Voigt

City Clerk:
Marie A. Moe
115 West Pleasant Street
Marie A. Moe

Common Council
District 1: Gary J. Alberts
819 East Cook Street
(608)742-4656 Gary J. Alberts
District 2: Carol L. Heisz
411 East Conant Street
(608)742-1978 Carol L. Heisz
District 3: Rick Dodd
726 Morningstar Drive
(608)742-4004 Rick Dodd
District 4: Vacant
District 5: Addie A. Tamboli
211 West Howard Street
(608)742-0403 Addie A. Tamboli
District 6: Michael Oszman
212 Charles Street
742-4600 Michael Oszman
District 7: Fred Reckling
216 West Franklin Street
(608)742-5889 Fred Reckling
District 8: JoAnn Balk
211 Cemetery Road
(608)742-8616 JoAnn Balk
District 9: Daniel Brunt
502 Silver Lake Drive
(608)742-7702 Daniel Brunt


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