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Richland Pit Bull Ordinance

Oct 16, 2006 08:15 PM CDT
RICHLAND, Wash. - If you own a Pit Bulls and you live in Richland you might need to dig into your wallet to pay the city.

Richland City Council will examine a possible new ordinance that would change the rules for people who own Pit Bulls at a meeting Tuesday night.

There are rules about Pit Bulls in Pasco and Kennewick, but none for Richland.
Richland City Council Member Sheila Sullivan said, "I think we are coming into compliance with the other two cities. We haven't forbidden pit bulls from being in the city, but this is a step where we can help some of the problems."

Richland resident Dennis young wrote a letter to the city stating that his neighbors Pit Bull was preventing him from renting his house.

He said, "I had good renters here for three years and they just couldn't take it anymore. I didn't mean to spark anything, but I need some relief out here."

The proposed new rules would require Pit Bull owners to register their pet with the city for 250 dollars, insure for 250-thousand dollars and owners would need to post a sign in front of the house stating that they had a dangerous animal."

http://www.kndo. com/Global/ story.asp? S=5547773

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First Draft Pit Bull Ordinance Passes In Richland

Nov 22, 2006 12:46 AM CST
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Dangerous Animal Ordinance

RICHLAND, Wash - A first reading of a Pit Bull Ordinance for the City of Richland passed 4 to 2 at the Richland City Council meeting Tuesday night.

It will be reviewed again, so it doesn't change anything right now. However, if it is passed, Pit Bull owners may have to buy insurance bonds, warning signs and 5-sided kennels.

Some city council members brought up the law that is already in place, where, if a dog does something violent, then it is deemed "dangerous" and the owner has follow certain rules. They argued that if that law were enforced, the Pit Bulls wouldn't be a problem.
However, Mayor Rob Welch said, since Kennewick and Pasco already have Dangerous Dog Ordinances, Richland is becoming a haven for Pit Bulls.


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Sent: Thursday, November 30, 2006 2:56 PM
Subject: [arc-liaisons] *ALERT* Richland Washington

This has passed its first reading folks! Next reading is December 19th at 7:30.

http://www.ci. richland. wa.us/RICHLAND/ Clerk/docs/ 65/docs/112106% 20Packet. pdf?CFID= 2239130&CFTOKEN=41690053

Scroll down in Bookmarks section to the 3rd Item-amending title 7

OR: go to Richland website http://ci.richland. wa.us/
select City Government from left and then City Clerk
then select City Council Agenda from left menu
then click on View 2006 Agendas and Packets.
select packet from November 21, 2006 - Regular Meeting
[ Packet - 394 Pages (PDF) 11.4 MB]
then scroll down in the Bookmarks section to ITEM 3

P.O. Box 190
505 Swift Boulevard Richland, WA 99352

City Attorney Thomas O. Lampson
[email protected] richland. wa.us
Mayor Bob Thompson [email protected] richland. wa.us,
[email protected]land. wa.us, [email protected]land .wa.us, [email protected]land. wa.us, [email protected]land. wa.us, [email protected]land. wa.us, [email protected] richland. wa.us

Leisa Boysen-President
www.BSLWorkshop. org

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