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Public input is sought on proposed pet ordinance
by Alan Lewis Gerstenecker - Editor
Published: Wednesday, June 6, 2007 11:20 PM CDT
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Pet owners in Rolla may have the opportunity to hear more about a proposed new ordinance as soon as the second City Council meeting June 18, but more than likely it will be the first meeting in July.

The ordinance also seeks a registration of persons owning a pit bull-terrier- type dog older than six months. These dogs -- excluding those intended for breeding -- shall be spayed or neutered. There will be a $10 licensing fee for Pit Bull-terrier dogs, according to the ordinance proposal.

"We had 23 dog bites in the city last year, and 21 could be directly related to Pit-Bull type dogs," Kearse said Monday night, explaining the rational.

The proposed ordinance was written by an ad-hoc committee. The panel consisted of Lt. Jim Macormic of the Rolla Police; John Redshaw, a city animal control officer; Councilman Monty Jordan; Don Johnson, a appointee of Mayor William S. Jenks, III; Beth Lorie of Friends of Animals; Mary Aycock of the Phelps County Animal Welfare League; Dr. Dan Brown, a veterinarian, and Judy James.

"We'd like all the input we can get," Kearse said. "Tell people to respond to a poll."

The city did away with a previous pet ordinance in 1996, Butz said.

"We had about 7 to 8 percent compliance, and it only brought in about $2,200 annually. Apparently, it seemed to be more hassle than it was worth then," Butz said.

The Rolla Daily News is currently polling people about the proposed pet ordinance. To participate, visit the poll at the RDN Web site at: www.rolladailynews. com.

http://www.therolla dailynews. com/articles/ 2007/06/07/ news/news01. txt


William S. Jenks, III

City Administrator:
John D. Butz

Administrative Assistant:
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Main Office:
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3rd Floor, City Hall

Mailing Address:
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Rolla, MO 65402

(573) 364-1384
Fax: (573) 426-6947

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City Council

Monty Jordan 411 East 12th Street
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