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Shelby officials look at dog ordinance

Sara Coleman
BC Staff Writer
Published May 03, 2007 5:27 PM CDT

In the wake of recent dog bites, the Shelby Board of Aldermen is considering creating a city ordinance targeting pit bulls.
At a meeting held Tuesday, Alderman Dan Harris Jr. said, "In the last two weeks, I know of two dog bites that have happened. One of the dogs was a pit bull. I am not sure if the other dog was.

"We all know the county has adopted some rules for pit bulls. We have several citizens that have these dogs here in Shelby. We need to solve this problem."

City Attorney Jeffrey Levingston responded, "I would suggest that we adopt a pit bull ordinance similar to Bolivar County's. If we're going to do anything."

"All I'm saying is that we don't want a tragedy," Harris said. "Though I suppose that any dog can be dangerous."

The board agreed that Levingston should prepare an ordinance along the lines of Bolivar County's for possible approval.

Levingston said, "It will be based on what the other towns have adopted. Then, you all can consider it."

http://www.bolivarc om.com/NF/ omf/bolivar/ news_story. html?rkey= 0026787+cr= gdn


Shelby City Clerk
305 3rd Street
Shelby, Mississippi 38774
Phone: (662) 398-5156

Shelby City Attorney
Jeffrey Levingston
201 South Pearman AvenueP.O. Box 1327
Cleveland, Mississippi 38732-1327
Contact Information
Phone: 662-843-2791
Fax: 662-843-2797

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