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Well, appears Conner has developed an allergy to chicken. He was getting all red and itchy after meals. And he currently has a lot of chicken based foods.
So, ordered the boar N&D only to discover it also has chicken, sigh. That should be in the main part of the "title"...boar and chicken.
So, may take awhile for her to eat it, but Willow has a new food.
The rest of it will go to my friend for her one dog that can eat anything. Her Pittie is allergic to all poultry as well.
So, picked up some Stella and Chewys with lamb, beef and venison, the grained version (with freeze dried coating and fd bits). So far, so good.
Gotta read all labels, nothing new, to watch for the hidden chicken.

I know it's a "dense" food and he does need to loose some weight, but does 1 cup twice a day (with a dollop of canned) sound like enough? That seems to be all he wants. The bag called for more but he just doesn't want it all. I guess he knows what he needs.
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Allergies suck. But at least it's food related so controllable. My last dog had to be raw because he was allergic to darn near everything. And yeah, they hide chicken in a lot of foods because it's the cheapest protein source.
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