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animal control

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okay,i have a neighbor whos pitbulls get out abd hurt my dogs all the time,they just put them back in their yard and you wont believe this but they send their 9 year old son to walk up the road and get BOTH dogs alone!cause they are too lazy,its rediculous,they have had ac called multiple times not by me but others and they just got a female to breed,is there anything i can do.The last time they got out was last month i think but she also has 35 cats i wanna help the animals.:confused:
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Try contacting the humane society. A lot of times they have organizations for approaching these situations and rehoming the animals. Especially with the unnecessary breeding that is going to take place I am sure they would be willing to help or atleast assist you in finding resources to help. I would say call the police department about all of the pets but I find them to be really prejudice against pits and they'd probably get put down rather than rehomed.
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