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Animal Planet Investigates: Gang Dogs

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Anyone seen this show?

Animal Planet :: TV Listings :: Animal Planet Investigates: Gang Dogs

Proof high crime areas need a thorough 'douching' to rid the bad rep this excellent breed has attained from these monkeys. IMO - the government should just drop a bomb on 'em already - It'd do humanity a favor to cur these ppl from procreating - figuratively speaking of course.
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Love Twiztid too! Them and ICP signed my 16th birthday card and I got on stage with them at the Brick Works in Chico, CA that night too :D :woof::woof: Covered in soda and had a blast!

Ok hijack over :D
Good! Those clowns almost ruined wrestling for me in the '90s, I'll be damned if they ruin my dog forums!:clap:
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