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Any one else feel this way?

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Or ever think of pits in this way? Well I'm brand new to this breed, and a major thing that drew me to them was how unfair people judge them. I'm a 22 year old black male who lives in San Diego. Sometimes I can tell people would rather cross a pit on the street than me. After thinking about it for a lil, I came up with the idea that pits are the black males of dog breeds. You may not see it that way, but in my mind I do. Just how one or 2 dogs can ruin it for a whole breed. And how the media has portrayed my race as always being on welfare, no jobs, drug dealers. While some may fall victim to that, not all of us are. Some dogs may have bad owners, but not all do. Just something I thought about and wanted to share. Nothing serious or trying to stir anything up. But after doing sone research on the breed it mad me Want one even more. You never know. We have a black president. Maybe one day Pitts will become "Americas" dog.
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i hadnt ever thought about it that way but now that i have i completely agree...... the thing is that most of america has changed their views of black men so maybe one day they'll change the way they look at our dogs
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